Friday, March 6, 2009

8 weeks from St Croix

Did I just type that title, Oh yes I did 8 weeks out. This gives me 6 real weeks of training left. with two weeks to fully recover my legs , mind and body. This week has been high on the quality of workouts. i also am turning up the intensity on the bike. I am going to put in over 500mi this month with one day a week focused on climbing in the smokies. The Foothills parkway is calling out my name.

On another note, a work friend had a baby shower today an I was tempted with many sweets. I have to admit, I indulged. I think, no I know, I tried every one. At one point I was double fisted with cookies. Can't wait for little Tootie to come and see her big sister!

Oh, and the mini cupcakes were just the right size to plop into on one bite. The frosting melted in your mouth like a succulent piece of lobster. WHAT, I AM LOSING MY MIND TIME TO GO GET SOME DINNER
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