Monday, March 23, 2009

Relay For Life

MTD results
Cycling - 376mi
Swimming - 11,600yds
Running - 40mi

Took the week off from swimming to push in some extra cycling time. It also helps that Ut was closed for spring break.
This weekend, Phil (AKA The flash) convinced a couple of us to come out to Pigeon Forge and ride in a Relay for Life charity ride. I was excited to get some miles in this weekend. Jenn and the kids were away and it sounded perfect.
Then the fun started, a warm clear Friday created a very cool 32degree Sat morning. Yes folks, the ride began on the chilly side. Great news after 4,600 ft of climbing later, I was very warm.
The ride began with Andy, our very own Grizzly Adams, very excited about the ride.
until we saw Phil aka The Flash show up at the start
Click on this picture to enlarge (only if you are brave)
Doesn't he resemble Jack Black
Then Big b changes into his Jeff Foxworthy outfit, perfect for Sevier county, Tn
After all was said and done, we had a great ride. I felt strong throughout the ride.
Thanks to all the guys at Vision Quest Cycles for having us. and cooking up some damn good burgers afterwards.
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