Monday, March 30, 2009

Half Marathon - no big thang

Ok, I admit my butterflies were jumping the night before. Amazingly enough come race day, i was calm as a cucumber. I took a warm up tip I got the week before from Kerry Sullivan a triathlete and online coach, and felt strong at the start. Understand, I truly was running for a long training run. As you can see my heart rate in the first three miles did not go above 167.

My average heart rate came back at 164 for the run, my finish time was 1:43 for 24 place in my age group and 178th overall. Top 10% and I did not go all out. Today I plan on swimming and I would have gone for an afternoon ride yesterday if it had been warmer. We have had a cold/wet snap in Knoxville over the past 4 days.

So this week, back to the grind. Three more build weeks were I end in total misery to be followed by a two week taper on distance and frequency but not intensity. Once again, online advice on a proper taper.

I feel very prepared for the 70.3

I even feel good about my chances of a solid first timer finish. I have tried the wetsuit, if you can not swim forever in one of those, you better quit the sport. The bike of 56mi is all about leaving something in the tank for the run. The run, is all about race pace.

There is something I do wonder about, and that is how will my body react to all three events in 80 degree heat. I have done some solid brick work, but not in heat. Only time will tell!

I am proud to show you the picture snapped of me just as I was leaving to go home from the race. Notice the pink Fat Cyclist t-shirt worn in support of Susan! Fatty's wife and better half. You can support me and the fight against cancer by visiting my page in the Philly LiveStrong Challenge and give $5.00

That is less $, 3,000 less calories and 60 less fat grams than a bloomin onion from Outback!

If you want a t-shirt like this one, visit the guys at Twin Six for the best cycling gear around!

Robert ORLER

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