Friday, March 20, 2009

Foothills Parkway 09' baseline

Start of the ride our own cyclist parking lot!

OK, I have mentioned the Foothills Parkway in a couple of different posts. I also have a slide show on the front page of the parkway. I believe this is the best area in Tn to ride a bike if not the best riding in the country.

Each year we spend our Tuesday nights testing our fitness and measuring our strength by riding from Coulter's bridge to Look rock.

This week I took the ride solo. I need to see where my fitness is Mid March.
First you need to understand the ride, it starts out with a flat 5 mi pull to the bottom of the parkway. next you have 11 mi to the top. The grade is about 6 %

last year my PR was 56:03

First ride of the year Solo 59:12

I am happy with the time, early in the season and I felt like it was an 80% effort. There are a couple of downhill parts that without a couple of partners, you lose time. Also the first 5 miles goes faster with a pace line.

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