Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day before Jitters

Ok, it is the day before the Knoxville Half marathon and I feel like Phil going to swim practice.

The Butterflies are swirling around in my stomach. I feel like the little league hitter up to bat for the very first time! I know I am only using this race as a training run yet I still worry about my knees and Cankles, will they hold up? I would like to run at 8:30 pace. Lots of mental questions in this head. You see, the past two weeks I have ramped up my cycling miles and let my running miles slip. My legs or is it my mind, well something is just unsure of its ability.
I am counting on my fellow runners - Phil, Matt and Phelps to help me keep pace. That is if they show up!
Ok enough doom and gloom, check out Lances scar in the pic below. Tough break for the boy! Heal fast my friend, the Giro awaits!
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1 comment:

  1. I could see why you would be nervous, I heard that if you do not finish they cut off your balls.