Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big news from Fatty

Here is a note from Fatty:

Summer’s coming. Soon. Really soon.
Well, actually, I guess Spring’s coming before Summer. But I promise you, Summer will arrive very shortly thenafter. Like about three months thenafter.
And that ratty ol’ jersey you wore last year just isn’t going to suffice. Why not? Here’s why:

It smells terrible. Seriously, it does. Ask any of your riding friends. Or, if you don’t have any riding friends, that pretty much answers your question, too.

It doesn’t fit. You’ve lost a buncha weight since last year. Or you’re planning to lose a buncha weight by the time Summer comes. Or maybe you’ve gained a lot of weight and have made peace with that fact. One way or another, you’re a different size, and it’s time to attire yourself appropriately.

It’s not even close to sexy enough. Unless it’s another Fat Cyclist jersey, in which case it’s plenty sexy, but you don’t want to be sexy on only one ride between washes, do you? (And if by chance you wear your bike clothes multiple times between washes I’d like you to go re-read and mentally underscore point #1, above. Thank you. From all of us.)

More than any of those reasons, though, is the big one: The new Team Fatty jerseys are now available for pre-order, with delivery in the beginning of June.

Again, let me make that clear: we are now pre-ordering, for delivery in the beginning of June.
I should also point out that while we always order a few extras, those few extras generally are gone within a few hours. So if you want one, you should pre-order.
And you want one. You know you do.

A Little Bit About Team Fatty
Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan is a big ol’ group of cyclists (and a few runners and even one triathalete) raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to fight cancer. There are now more than 360 of us. We’re the top fundraising team in all four event cities: Austin, Seattle, San Jose, and Philadelphia, so we’d darn well better have some matching outfits when we line up at the various LiveStrong Challenges.

Get your shirt from the Guys at Twin Six
I think my t-shirt drawer if filling up with all Twin Six shirts
Go sign up today! Fight the battle against this beast! Sign up today to ride with my small group in Philly and I will donate $100.00 to your fundraising. Sphere: Related Content


  1. What size jersey from Twin Six do you have? It seems every jersey maker makes their jerseys in a different size and I don't know what size to order.

  2. jerseys run closer to race cut than club. If your normal size is a little tight, I would go up one size with Twin Six.
    There T-shirts are also a little snug. They are very soft and my favorite!