Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Training

Oh the month of February! Such a tough month.
Cold, dark and short month - how is one expected to get high mileage in during such harsh times?

I know suck it up and train and you are right.

Feb end of month results
Swim - 15,150
Run - 75mi
Cycle - 255mi

Understand, I had a week of travel for work. I ran but there was no way to cycle or swim. Looks like I will have to hit it hard and smart in March. So far I have already cured one major issue I had in Feb. I was not eating enough calories. So I made a grand trip to fresh market this past Sunday. I my body is recovering much quicker this week. Amazing how your body reacts to fuel.

Today we swam with the UT masters and worked on technique. During the warm-up, I swam a 400 in 7:10. For me this was good. My only other 400 that was timed was 6:30 with the aid of a pull buoy.
They were filming underwater, Davis Tarwater swimming 25's at about 7 secs. That was a site!
I will try and get a copy and post.
here are a couple of funny pics I ran across this week. You will recognize the Lampre Pic.

I know you are wondering what is this girl thinking. I don't care, I am jealous of those tan lines. You know to have lines like that = lots of miles in the saddle
All you hairy pasty legged cyclists, it is almost summer!!!!

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