Thursday, March 12, 2009

Riding Season In Knoxville


MTD Stats
10 days without a day off and 16 workouts
Swim - 8,900
Run - 24.5
Cycle - 138
The weather here in Knoxville has been great! With the time change, the riding season officially begins. This week the local bike shop (CBC) I sometimes ride with, began there Tuesday/Thursday rides. Above is the crew from work that rides at lunch. As you can see some have been in hibernation for the past 3 months. Time to shave!
We had a great recovery ride this week, notice how we let Big B pill us down Neyland Dr.
We do this as repeat around 25-30 mph depending how the wind blows. On this day, I did not get to pull. Oh damn, I did say recovery!
I couldn't resist getting a picture of the rider AKA Phelps and his support of Susan and team Fatty. If you are wondering what I am talking about, check out this page. If you are willing to help fight the battle against cancer with me, click here. Currently 3 Velo Friends are making the trip to Philly in Aug. to battle cancer and ride for Susan!
I am so pumped because this week, The Fat Cyclist has convinced twin six to make a sleeveless version of the Team fatty Jersey. Most of you know, I wanted to wear something in the half ironman that supported Susan and her families fight. I now will get that chance without having to make up my own version. I do have one reservation and that is the jersey color. I left fatty a comment yesterday and I must have been only one of many who shared the same concern. He wrote a great post today about this very issue. I am still hoping for a light colored sleeveless version. Until then, I will sport the black version and conduct my own tests.
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