Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking it easy

This week has been all about recovery. Two knee tweeks are feeling much better and I actually am starting to feel okish swimming. Today, I would like to go 1,800 yds we will see

It is also a big weekend for THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!!! We will be having a scarlet night at the shoe. I feel good about the game, OSU is is tough at home and really tough at home night games. If you were wondering ask Notre Dame!

Sat. will be the test with the reverse Cherohala! It should be a beautiful ride with the colors of the trees in the mountains. I will take the trusty camera and bring some shots back. It will not be hard to do while climbing at 7-8 mph

I have not rode it this direction before, the other way it averages about 12 degrees for about 10 miles. Climbing from mile 50 to mile 90

This way the climb is from mile 23 to 53 earlier in the ride and shorter. Plus we are doing only 100mi not the normal 114

Supposed to be a friendly ride. I have to take it easy so not to strain my mcl again

We will have a road angel at the top of the climb with hot soup. Velo friend Jeff's better half.

Here is Velo friend Jeff, he helped me prepare for the Atomic Ironman

Some Misc. Pictures I thought I would share today

Is that frame Ti oh by the way nice tan lines
My Current Road Bike

My other bike I don't ge enough time on

The Mountain bike I do not have
The dream MTB 20 lbs
The Dreamiest MTB 5.5" travel under 22lbs

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