Monday, October 6, 2008

Dawson's Day Of Challenge

Here it is, you must be a P@@$Y NOT TO ACCEPT.

From: David Dawson Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 11:59 AMTo: Robert Orler; Phil Lawson; Andy Goode; Kenny Sherrod; Michael Moog; Tony Teasley; Josh BirdwellSubject: you're gonna tri huh?
Ok Robert,

I see where you’ve signed up for the St. Croix half-ironman. So, since you’ve decided to take this foray into my former sport of choice, I’m going to step up and lay out a challenge. I’m ready to get fit again, so I offer the following:

I’ll buy a fat cyclist jersey for anyone who beats me in any of the following races next year. However, if I am the first finisher of this group, you guys all pitch in and buy me one.

Trideltathon (400m swim, 5mi bike, 3mi run) - April
Foothills Sprint (350m swim, 10mi bike, 2.5mi run) – Late May
Tellico Sprint (800m swim, 17mi bike, 4mi run) - June
Springbrook Sprint (200yd swim, 9mi bike, 3mi run) – July
(none of these should conflict with St. Croix)

1) Any experiencing a mechanical problem that prevents them from finishing is exempt from paying out
2) I’ll pay out a maximum of 2 jerseys per person per year (so if you beat me in all four races, you’re only getting 2 jersey
3) Anyone who beats me who is not on this email, does not count Sphere: Related Content

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