Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 1

10-3 Run 3 miles
10-4 Bike 35 miles
10-5 MTB 6 miles
10-6 Run 3 miles
MTD Bike 57 , Run 6

Since beginning this transition back into shape over two years ago, I have noticed I always need to have an event to be training for. Most of this year I used small events/rides to convince myself I would be able to complete the Cherohala Challenge with a respectable time.

So off I go day 1 of training for the Ironman. Really this is day two, I ran on Friday. I went out early for a very cold 52 degree, for Knoxville, Sat. morning ride. I met JB on the boulevard and we rode downtown and then over to Ijams nature center.

I had planned on taking Sunday off, but Jb called and told me Trek and CBC were having a demo day at Haw Ridge.

I have been getting pressure to do some mtb lately. This is popular for winter road fitness. This is what Matt "The Beast" J. uses as his winter training. I didn't ride the hills on this trip however. I rode the Trek Fuel EX 9.9

Oh it was smooth and light. So much, that I found myself spinning out on some steep uphill shale sections. Loose rock sucks. The bike was fast, much faster that I wanted to ride it on the first spin around this single track. I found myself with an "Oh shit" reaction many times on the first loop.

When we arrived at the event, we spotted an old friend Marcy from the Tour De Cure. Turns out she was volunteering to guide riders around the Ridge. Lucky for us and she became our guide for the day.

The next bike I tried out was a more conservative trek 69er. Yes, 29" in the front and 26" in the back. Oh by the way, a single speed! This isn't the bike but close enough. The one I tested had an inverted front fork. This is the model JB tested.

The 69er was cool, I definitely liked the simplicity of not gears. I think this is what distracted me with the first test. the SRAM gears were much different that my Red SRam road gears. I spent a lot of time testing out different gear ratios to end up in the middle ring middle rear.

This is why from the start the single speed was feeling great. The big wheel in front seemed to go anywhere i ask it to. granted I was more comfortable with the track, but it just seemed to be easier to handle and hit precise lines. We did not do the hill of truth, so I did not have to walk any hills. Were they easy, no but isn't that why you ride? To continually challenge yourself.

I do have worries about mountain biking. I found the clip in pedals I used to be difficult to get into fast. I even pulled out of them a couple of times with hard effort. This is something I would have to do some research on.

After the SS, we realized JB was out of time. We took advantage of the generous CBC staff and ate a burger with them. Marcy even had brought her own keg? Yes, it was beyond belief! How cool is that? Well I will tell you it was about 34 degrees because she had it iced down down down.
I had two glasses.

JB and I owe her big for the guide and Grog. Sphere: Related Content

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