Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dawson's Day of Fitness

Ok the boys and I have been duped. Today we find out Dawson, the big challenger from yesterday, has been running daily 5-6 miles. This is in addition to the lunch bike rides.

With this news, I call FOUL!!!!

besides he is like 10 years younger than all of us.

We want, deserve, need and demand time for these short sprint tri events. For Christ sake we don't even know if Phil can swim yet. Big B could sink and I could end up stuck in the pool drain.

So with this head start to multi sport training, he decided today to throw down the gaunt lent. We hammered out two laps on the trusty and beautiful boulevard. Only with an ave speed of 20+

He eventually dropped all contenders and as we climbed out to the pike, he seemed to have a strange, I have them where I want them, smurk on his face.

He is also able to train at the UT aquatic center because he is taking masters classes. Another big advantage. Right now, Phil, Big B and Myself are going to open up Phil's above ground pool to do some circles.
We will learn to swim!

This will teach him! Sphere: Related Content

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