Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eyebrows Gods Little Gift

10-7 Bike 18 mi

10-8 Run 3 mi

Today, I went to swim for the first time at lunch. I am so ready to begin my base miles in the pool. I go down over the hill from my office to the Gym. I am lucky it is so close.

Go up to the front desk and give them my name, and the attendant says, "ok got it." Now you have to understand I signed up at the gym two years ago and to my knowledge only signed up for a year. Something is fishy here.

Oh well I almost felt guilty until I walked up to the pool to take a look. Yards and yards of yellow caution tape surrounded the pool. OUT OF ORDER the sign read.

Great today was the day, I am so disappointed. Oh well, I decided I would run instead. Nice weather, 65 and light showers. I was just finishing up with my run, I had not seen another person the whole time. Normally in good weather I would pass 12-15 people on the boulevard.

Then up ahead I see a runner coming toward me. Damn, it is Dawson! I actually thought I would get a fitness day up on him.

Let me get to the epiphany I had while running in the rain. God really new what he was doing when he created eyebrows. Let me explain, you all know I cycle a lot. Nothing is worse or more dangerous that sweat dripping into your eye from under your glasses, stinging so bad you feel like a needle is in your eye. All this while following another cyclist 12" apart in a paceline going 24 mph.

Today I realized the little hairy things we take for granted and call eyebrows are the key to safety on a bike. I know this because during todays run, it rained the whole time. After about 2 miles I casually reached up and wiped one of my eyebrows.

I think 3 oz of water flew off. I was amazed at the water holding capacity of my eyebrow. Could you imaging how many ounces Andy Rooneys eyebrows hold. I think on rainy days he wouldn't even need to bring a water bottle along. I guessing he could hold 20 oz on those animals

I have to find a pool!
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