Friday, October 17, 2008

The Day Of The Fin

11-14 Bike 18 mile
11- 15 swim 1300 yds
11- 16 run 3 miles

Wednesday was the last day I have been swimming. Today, class was cancelled for a meet. I am actually sad. This is because I stayed back at the office and ate 2 dogs, beans and bread pudding at a UT tailgate party.

I needed to be working out!

Let me tell you I have found a new best friend! My new swim fins!!!

Check these babys out. I can not explain how much easier it was working out with these magical appendages on my feet.

My knees are still killing me, but I only drank about 2 liters this time vs 2 gallons of H20 last time.
One thing is clear, I have a long steep hill to climb before I feel even remotely confident in the water. Sphere: Related Content

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