Monday, October 13, 2008

The day - I Almost Drowned

10-11 50 mile bike
10-13 800 meter swim

Today I officially begin training for the IM. This is my training location . The facility is amazing

Today, I found out/humbled , that I am not in shape. I think my heart rate was 170 the entire time. I can not believe how out of shape I felt today in the pool trying to swim 25 meters

Good news is, Dawson and Phil were there to make it fun. Of coarse Dawson was still trying to break our mental spirit. Bad news is Dawson has way too much experience in the water.

I did not realize or think I would swallow as much water as I did. I hope there is a skill I can learn to slow down this process. I am trying to survive and not swallow water and he is already looking semi smooth. The coach welcomed us to join and learn. He claims we are not the worst he has seen. I am betting we are close. Wednesday we will try again! This time, I will have a kickboard Sphere: Related Content

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