Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big News

Many of you have read about my relay adventure recently. It got my competitive blood boiling. I have made the decision to become a triathlete. Yes, you got it swim, bike and run all three.

I am not going into this small. The way I see it, the short events are called sprint and I have never been a sprinter in anything. So I have signed up to compete in the 2009 70.3 St Croix Ironman!

Yes, to answer your first question it is in the virgin islands.

Let me explain a little more
1. It is Jennifer and my 15 year wedding anniversary at the end of May 2009
2. If I am going to do this, I need 7 months to learn not to sink in water
3. How could it not be fun, two weeks in paradise

Now for the tough work, how do we get there? Where do we stay? and How do I get my bike there?

Luckily, I still have Delta points from all those years traveling for Pilot.

I will use CBC to pack my bike and I will check it like luggage. Thank goodness I have a direct flight.

But we still do not know where to stay yet. I am taking suggestions if anyone has ever been there.

I also choose this race due to the tough bike course. You see, they have a hill called the beast. The 7/10 of a mile at 6-21 percent grade. I would expect it to be 10-12 percent most of the way. I think it is only 21 in one place. This is nothing to what we climb around Knoxville weekly.
I found this video on you tube:

Here are the normal non pro riders

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  1. Mid-Life doubt.

  2. Sorry, that last comment was me. Didn't mean for it to be anonymous