Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Falling Fast

Jan. 19 - run 4mi, cycle 22
Jan. 20 - run 4mi
Jan 21 - swim 2,450m, cycle 40

It has been a busy three days, I am feeling great on my runs and swim today on. I ran speed intervals on the 19th and did the 20th run at a 7:00 pace. I am not sure if that means I am finally feeling good and comfortable in the water or 4 days out of the pool was long enough to recover my upper body. Either way, the workout today was strong.

Ok not what I wanted to write about.

Once the time changes we begin a Tuesday night ride from a place called Coulter's bridge to Look Rock on the Foothills Parkway. I guarantee It is one of the 10 most beautiful rides in the USA. It is a great climbing training ride. I would say it is about 7.5 mile climb at average grade 5%. Total time with a large group is 1:45 up and back. The goal is to make it to the rock under 1 hr. We then wait and regroup before falling fast back to the bridge. Of course we finish with a strong sprint.

Last year my PB was 55:03. I would love to hit sub 53 this year. I will need a lot of will power and a strong couple of riders with me.

back to falling fast, the way down from the rock is Faaast and we push 45-50 mph for long stretches very close behind each other. Today I read an article about a Pro rider who went down recently falling fast. makes you think about pushing the decent on a simple Tuesday training ride. You can read about the brave Liz Hear.

here are some great pics from the foothills parkway. My favorite training ride. Hard/fast/effective
Thats the Smokies

David (AKA Phelps) and two tri freinds from Florida. They came up for a UT game and wanted to do some climbing. We started the day out with three climbs to Look Rock in mind and ended up only climbing up one time on the wall. Flatlanders went out like bats out of hell on a 5 mi climb with an average grade of 12-14%. That was all she wrote for those boys. we did get in 60 or so miles that day, but the rest were rolling hills and flat roads.
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