Monday, January 19, 2009

I found Facebook

1/14 swim 2,250 yds / run 2 mi

1/15 run 2mi / cycle 22

1/16 swim 2,300 yds / run 2 mi

1/17 run 2.5 / cycle 18
I never really thought of myself as a facebook/myspace/twitter kind of guy, but each day that goes by, I seem to run across an old friend on facebook. Myspace is all but dead, I use twitter to keep up with Lance and is progress. Yes, I get tweets directly to my cell. It is awesome, unless he is in Australia and his is tweeting at 2am like last night. My phone buzzes and I jump up in bed, Jennifer sits up and looks confused. I grab my phone to see a tweet from Lance. I turn to my wife and said, "It was only Lance, he is in Australia and in another time zone."

Pretty cool!!!

back to facebook, is there no end to the way we communicate. Email is almost a none factor, Texting is for private, google talk gets us around the office network, tweeter lets you micro blog with many followers but facebook seems to have a life unto it's own.

I now have facebook on my mobile, watch out I am hooked up. Does this mean I am becoming addicted?

Is there a best mode of communication? let me know your thoughts. Where will this lead?

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