Friday, January 23, 2009

New toy for me

Today is an exciting day, you see today I received my wet suit for the 70.3

I just can't figure how to get into it sideways

No really, I am pumped! Today's swim was a tough workout and I felt great.
600m warm up
1,200m fast kick (4 sets I won't bore you with details)
900m - (4x50 1:10 - 1x100 1:50) x3

Now how do I bring this thing into the pool. I will be the only one wearing a wet suit.
I know, first I have to see if it fits. Then I will need to get used to swimming in it.
Great now my confidence is gone! In a matter of seconds I felt great about swimming to having butterflies in my gut.
You see since the first of the year, more swimmers have been showing up to the masters swimming at UT. We already had a world class butterfly champion, Davis Tarwater, working out at the same time. Now We passed Christine Magnuson on her way down to the deck today. Later on I come to find out a pro triathlete Eric Bell has also been swimming with us. The big take away I have from writing this article is I must be in the right place. Sphere: Related Content

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