Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History in the making

Or is it? Only time will tell if yesterday was a day that will be remembered forever. Somehow, I just keep thinking something else during the next 4 years will overshadow yesterday and somehow make us forget. So here is my short list;

1. US Economy collapse Dow at 5500
2. Another War that USA gets involved in
3. The cure for cancer is discovered click here for a great article
4. Bin laden caught
5. Peace forever in the middle east
6. The Pittsburgh Steelers Win the Superbowl

oh my did I say that
yes I did, this is a week that will bring the Lombardi home to the steel City
you thought this article was going o be a serious one! Wrong, the name of the Blog is Love and two wheels. This means stories of what I love and cycling. Get used to it. I love all things Pittsburgh. Sphere: Related Content

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