Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Time for lance to return
What is funny, I only had began cycling when he retired. I followed the big races but had ZERO appreciation for the talent and skill he ride with. new direction for Lance this time around, fight and find a cure for Cancer. Spread the fight to the globe. It begins on 1/18 in the Tour Down Under. here is lance's new ride Trek Ala lance

I could not resist sharing my latest workout with everyone. This will put me way ahead of Phelps and Phil. They know nothing about this, BIG ADVANTAGE

Give me a comment, how many minute advantage do you think this work out will give me in a sprint tri? Sphere: Related Content


  1. I think this is worth about a 17 second advantage. I haven't seen Phil laugh in years, so I'm sure this will help.

    I've also seen you in yoga and this video captures it pretty well.

  2. Phil does not laugh, he hums

    stange to watch