Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tough Times Call For Humor

YTD Bike 370mi
Swim 26,900 About 18mi
Run 42.5 mi

This weekend brought beautiful weather to East Tn. Sunday was right about 60 but it seemed like 80. Bright and sunny, great day to have a spring tune up ride planned with the boys. Big B and Phelps were on hand to set the pace. All in all, it was a great ride. I went arrived a little early to get in some extra miles. It was just too nice of a day to spend indoors.

That is why when I got home after 35mi on the bike, I hit the road for 4mi run around my neighborhood. Yes, Superbowl Sunday and 1 hr before kickoff I am still running. I think it eased my nerves. You see, I was raised 35-40 miles or so from downtown Pittsburgh. My whole life, the Steelers have been my team. Ok, I also rooted a couple times for some others. But for 37.8yrs of 38, the Steelers have been it. The fizzittle! Hey I waited too long for the "One for the THUMB"
I could not been more pleased, great game! The defense could have done a better job across the middle, but who am I. The offensive play calling in the first half was genius. We didn't show half of those plays all year. Way to go Steeler Organization.

Here are my first videos of riding.
Moving and taking video= not so smart
Moving and taking video in a pace line = real dumb

I will get better, please be patient

I found these jokes somewhere last week, I thought I would share. These are for all those who said they would be there Sunday and no showed!

Layoffs. Bankruptcies. Foreclosures. Cold tootsies.

It's a tough time for northern hemisphere cyclists: global economic meltdown combined with miserable winter weather and limited daylight.

At times like this, you have to hang onto your dreams just to get through the day, which is why they call them daydreams. Feel free to use some of Andy's

Dream 1
The cycling world was shocked to learn that Cervelo TestTeam has recruited a 30-year-old Cat 4 rider to join this high-powered pro squad headed by Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre. But the plucky newcomer silences critics by shepherding Sastre to victory in the 2009 Giro Italia. Then: dis-astre! Carlos crashes out of the Tour and his rookie lieutenant takes over, attacking Contador and Armstrong to win the race. At the awards ceremony, an insanely attractive podium girl whispers, "You look magnifique in yellow. . ."

Dream 2
His tyrannical boss "JOSH"can only sputter as the 51-year-old marketing coordinator "TONY"announces that he is quitting to ride his bicycle across the country. Tanned and muscled after weeks on the open road, the intrepid explorer marvels at the incredible adventures he's experienced. Invited to spend the night on a Midwestern farm, he feasts on fresh corn-on-the-cob and homemade apple pie. After dinner, the insanely attractive farmer's daughter whispers, "Take me with you. . ."

Dream 3
Wandering into a corner bike shop, the 30-year-old programmer is stunned to learn that he is the store's 5,000th customer and is thus entitled to a $5,000 discount on a $5,025 carbon bike that fits him perfectly, weighs 10 pounds and comes with Shimano's prototype 11-speed components, which won't be available to the public till 2012. As he wheels out his new rig, the insanely attractive salesperson whispers, "Don't forget about the free tune-up. . ." Sphere: Related Content


  1. Love the time you need more footage of me...

  2. Also..considering the recent scandal involving Michael Phelps, I would like for this blog to refer to me as "Lochte" from this point foward

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