Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fish Still Out Of Water

It is true, I am still a fish out of water when it comes to my swimming. I think, I am at the 38 min mark for the 1.25mi race in May. Now I have to build on my confidence and my technique. I have spent the last 90 days building endurance in my shoulders and legs. Oh yeah also building cardio and figuring out how to relax the anxiety monster from the pool. yes, 70% of swimming is technique and mental. Here is couple interesting videos of the Tenn. program. Flowswimming came in a little while back and filmed these.

Swimming Videos on Floswimming

Swimming Videos on Floswimming

As you can see, I am training at a world class location. This last video is the coolest of them all. This is Davis Tarwater giving Phelps a run. Davis is from Knoxville and a two time NCAA champion and 2 time world team member. He trains with the UT staff.

I think I am swimming in the right place! Sphere: Related Content

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