Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Professional Sports The True Enemy

Ok, I sit and listen to all the so called experts on the major news channels, Far left/far right/ even those in the middle, now I get a chance to rant a little about what is wrong with the American Economy.

First, let me start by saying I hold zero years experience working in the financial sector.
I however do hold 38 years experience of working on my common sense.

Lets talk about a solution
1st, I would find it hard to believe anyone would argue professional athletes are grossly over paid.

Second, I estimate the number of professional athletes in the USA as 5,000. This is my number and if you disagree then insert your own.
5,000 x 400,000 ave salary is 2 billion per year.

I propose these athletes all take a 50% pay reduction
I also propose all owners take a 50% Salary reduction, ticket price reduction, season ticket cost reduction, concession food price reduction and souvenir cost reduction.

From Monster truck rally to pro football games, the American fan could once again go to a game and afford to take the family.

This coupled with a cap on what an athlete can charge for a product sponsorship, should give the economy close to a 2 billion dollar stimulus plan per year. Sphere: Related Content

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